Nothing could possibly justify the murder of a 15-year-old schoolboy - those who could commit such a crime have absolutely nothing to offer society. In addition, it would justify the use of powerful sociological theories in IS research. A peculiarity of larch wood is the difficulty with which it is ignited, although so resinous; and, coated with a thin layer of plaster, beams and pillars of larch might probably be found to justify Caesar's epithet " igni impenetrabile lignum "; even the small branches are not easily kept alight, and a larch fire in the open needs considerable care. Its numerous root extractions amply justify a stronger expression than " multo labore," especially in an epitaph. Severe initial reactions may justify close professional observation for at least 12 hours after testing. To justify himself, he published an account of his conduct from the beginning of the Revolution. On the whole 64 is the most probable date, but it is very far from certain: the evidence is insufficient to justify any assurance. After a quick lunch—salad, no fries—and a stop for gas and a few groceries to further justify the trip, he began the forty-five minute drive back to Ouray. In the light of that truth, a reformed intuitionalism might justify itself. Several authors justify the probability postulate without relying on the sleeping pill argument. the use of force in itself, or even on the fact that war involves suffering and loss of life; their root objection is based on the fact that war is both the outcome and the cause of ambition, pride, greed, hatred and everything that is opposed to the mind of Christ; and that no end to be attained can justify the use of such means. With a wry smile, she said, " Perhaps I feel that I have to prove myself in order to justify my presence. If you become offended by anything, please read An Attempt to Justify Gruesome Bible Passages. of the flame are not so decisive as to justify them in omitting to test the steel before removing it from the converter, as a check on the accuracy of their blowing. Simple sentences have only an independent clause, may have simple or compound subjects and/or predicates, and can be either short or long. Least of all does the historical evidence at our disposal justify the inference that the civilization of north Galatia, during the 1st century A.D., was Romano-Gallic rather than Hellenic; for, as the coins and inscriptions indicate, the Anatolian culture which predominated throughout the province did not exclude the infusion either of Greek religious conceptions or of the Greek language. In order to justify superstition and the ancient forms of worship, philosophy becomes in his hands a theurgy, a knowledge of mysteries, a sort of spiritualism. I can't really justify that expense for a handful of comments from a handful of readers. In a way, you could say that they are “equal.” The same is true for what is known as a parallel sentence. This general rule of thumb allows most homeowners to justify the closing costs because they will realize a savings within a couple of years from the refinance into the lower interest rate. In short, the purposes to which the bamboo is applicable are almost endless, and well justify the opinion that "it is one of the most wonderful and most beautiful productions of the tropics, and one of Nature's most valuable gifts to uncivilized man" (A. fishbowl activity takes place after students have had a chance to consider the documents and prepare to justify their allotted statement. So far it had done nothing to justify its subsequent reputation. : 2. transfinite numbers had an actual existence, drawing on his early religious training to justify the assertion. appalled to hear the member's of the panel agree that " the ends justify the means " . Our leaders are not asked to justify their complete subservience to American interests. The permission to do so was embodied in a proclamation, in which the conqueror endeavoured to justify his claim to the Babylonian throne. Ted tried to justify his wife’s death with a claim of self-defense. Enough has been said to justify the great place assigned to Aristotle in the history of logic. The judges, at the conclusion of his speech, fell on their knees, and implored pardon for the manner of their letter; but Coke attempted to justify the matter contained in it, saying that the delay required by his majesty was contrary to law. These pluses we feel amply justify the necessary increase of a pound or two on the ticket price. Another point to note is the sinisterly continuing propaganda onslaught on Sudan to justify an imperialist blitzkrieg military intervention. The insurance company will not approve payment for a procedure if a doctor can't justify the need for the treatment. Those who in the same way identify Rabelais with Panurge can never explain the education scheme, the solemn apparition of Gargantua among the farcical and fantastic variations on Panurge's wedding, and many other passages; while, on the other hand, those who insist on a definite propaganda of any kind must justify themselves by their own power of seeing things invisible to plain men. at revolt to justify the action of the authorities. Items like VS-1 technology, wave technology, and Pro-Flex construction justify the $74.95 price tag on the Watley model. The letters to Atticus abound in the frankest selfrevelation, though even in the presence of his confessor his instinct as a pleader makes him try to justify himself. He alone--with his ideal of glory and grandeur developed in Italy and Egypt, his insane self-adulation, his boldness in crime and frankness in lying--he alone could justify what had to be done. 19 justify the rendering in margin of R.V. Enough is known of him to justify the belief that he had some of the qualities of a soldier and a statesman. Had the Austrians attacked on both flanks forthwith, the Prussian central (I.) Consumers often justify purchasing the counterfeit goods by saying that the originals are overpriced in the first place, or that the designers are all ready rich. The Acts, in describing the visits of Peter to Samaria, Joppa, Lydda and Caesarea, justify the view that his missionary activity began quite early. The larger species prey fiercely on other kinds of birds, while the smaller content themselves with a diet of small animals, often insects and worms. The basis for these estimates was the experience of other countries, which, however, did not justify the expectation that a large increase of business consequent on reduction of rates could be obtained without serious diminution of profit. : That it is a justified belief cannot be a brute fundamental fact unrelated to the kind of belief it is. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. r) does not involve any official tinge, which would justify the deletion of Kai Teµ66Eos 6 65€X00s, uou in that verse, and of r)µwv in vv. He decided t No argument can justify a war. Of his other compositions, the most individual are those in which, deeply impressed by the problems of his day, he has sought to reconcile science and religion, especially the fine dialogue between Milton and Galileo, where the former, impressed by Galileo's predictions of the intellectual consequences of scientific progress, resolves "to justify the ways of God to man.". The richer veins had evidently been long ago worked out, and nothing of sufficient value to justify further outlay was discovered. How to use justify in a sentence. 14-33) written to believing Jews in order to justify the Gentile mission and afterwards edited for Gentile readers with the addition of xi. SKUA, 1 the name for a long while given to certain of the Laridae (see Gull), birds which sufficiently differ in structure, appearance and habits to justify their separation as a distinct genus, Stercorarius (Lestris of some writers), or even subfamily, Stercorariinae. Swedenborg is usually reckoned among the theosophists, and some parts of his theory justify this inclusion; but his system as a whole has little in common with those speculative constructions of the Divine nature which form the essence of theosophy, as strictly understood. The fact that there are discrepancies between the two versions as they appear in the Hank's Book and in the Flatey Book does not justify the overthrow of both as historical evidence. It allows users to justify the popularity and importance of the pages that they submit. An account of the Passion, with a curiously perverted chronology, the object of which was to justify the length of the Passion-tide fast, is entirely revised for this reason (v. If Lancaster should justify the malevolent rumours that were afloat by making a snatch at the crown, the last state of the realm might be worse than the first. plausible pretext to justify interrupting the work. The climate of the higher grounds is healthy, and meteorological observation does not justify the reputation for cold and damp often given to the county as a whole. I had as yet attained no measure of literary achievement, to justify my own high evaluation of my potential. His Pitt has already been mentioned; his Appreciations and Addresses and his Peel (containing a remarkable comment on the position of an English prime minister) were published in 1899; his Napoleon: the Last Phase - an ingenious, if paradoxical, attempt to justify Napoleon's conduct in exile at St Helena - in woo; his Cromwell in the same year. A small drop in interest rates does not justify a refinance. Sometimes governments justify their own terrorist acts by labeling any groups that resist their monopoly of violence " terrorist " . The pekan or Pennant's marten, also called fisher marten, though there appears to be nothing in its habits to justify the appellation, is the largest of the group, the head and body measuring from 24 to 30 in., and the tail 14 to 18 in. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Justify | Justify Sentence. 20) explain and justify the common reading. Again, having these alone on a cart might justify the purchase on its own. There is nothing you can say to justify this. The " animal rights " supporters cannot see how these justify the infliction of physical or emotional distress on MOOS. declared the king of age, but this was a mere formality, intended to justify the resumption of the royal castles and demesnes which had passed into private hands during the commotions of the civil war.
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