You would need to stop insightIQ services, copy over the datastore to isilon, start the insightIQ services again and finally point InsightIQ to use the new datastore on isilon. Problem: The problem is that the datastore import/export functionality in InsightIQ v3.2 uses the tar.gz format to compress the exported datastore. On the VM server, remove the old datastore from your InsightIQ VM. 2. Hi. The following has been tested on InsightIQ versions 3.2.0 and 3.2.1. InsightIQ 3.2.1 enables you to specify which statistics you want to collect, so you have more room on your hard drive for videogames. The two screenshots are coming from the same Quota Reporting page. Unfortunately these do not exist. I'm in the process of pulling together a list of blogs to answer some of these common questions. Select NFS as the type of datastore Provide the SmartConnect Zone name as the Server, and the NFS Export as the Folder Select all hosts in the cluster to ensure they all have the datastore mounted (this will ensure they see the same name) So anything owned by user “rchang” under /ifs/home and its subdirectories get counted towards rchang’s quota. SyncIQ? I have used /ifs/insightiq as an example to perform this operation. Starting with InsightIQ 3.2, you could export a cluster’s database from one instance, then import it later or on another InsightIQ instance. As we've put the InsightIQ datastore on an Isilon though, the available space seen by InsightIQ is many TiBs, so InsightIQ will never see the datastore as full, and start throwing away old data. Unmount the data store file systems on the old VM. In terms of the historical performance metrics repository that is InsightIQ's "/datastore" -- many customers have asked us about a published schema. Datastore export. New disk mount correctly. You may see this prompt multiple times, click Yes each time. In the InsightIQ web application, click the Settings tab and then Monitored Clusters on the Settings ribbon. Procedure 1. These quotas can be setup on the cluster itself through the WebUI. Imagine if you have 3 months worth of data.. and moving forward I dont want to go to insight everyday for download the CSV file. The option to export the Filesystem reporting in InsightIQ was added in the 3.1 release of the product after numerous customers requested this functionality. Its VMware edition. Datastore export Support can help you through the upgrade process if you would like help. I'm a Technical Marketing Engineer, working on the Isilon product line. Hi What is the better way for a cluster to be monitored by InsightIQ ? InsightIQ downsamples the data that it collects, meaning that InsightIQ converts higher- resolution data to lower-resolution data by adding or averaging several higher-resolution samples. Also, you can check out our InsightIQ - Isilon Info Hub for more information! Thanks Katie, would you happen to know if those reports can be sent via email automatically? InsightIQ's "datastore" contains performance and quota information, and resides either on the InsightIQ server itself or on the cluster over NFS mount. I am looking to increase this local datastore from 65GB to 200 GB as i have three cluster for InsightIQ to generate reports. InsightIQ's "datastore" contains performance and quota information, and resides either on the InsightIQ server itself or on the cluster over NFS mount. This VM has a local datastore of 65GB. Let me attach two screenshots from InsightIQ version 3.2.0. In InsightIQ v3.0.1 --> tab "File System Reporting" -> report type "Data Usage" which show the a table. If you wouldn't mind, please work with your Isilon SE to file a feature request. I'm using Vsphere 6.5 Our current ESXI and Isilon Setup uses statically mounted datastores. l Exporting data from a data store. If you cannot access that link, here is the more normalized version: 184069 : Isilon: Migrating an InsightIQ 2.5 datastore to a new InsightIQ 3.0 instance    directory that you can use for InsightIQ. What dynamo is referring to is a “charge-back” feature that many customers have been asking for in the recent months. To create a service request, you have a couple options: 1. How do I copy a file to from a VM to either a datastore or a CD/DVD? This “user quota” was set at the level of /ifs/home, which includes all subdirectories under that path. 7. You can use IPv6 or IPv4 formats. If you just don’t care about CPU usage, InsightIQ is right there with you. Folder: The mount point folder name: Server: The server name or IP address. In use, you might setup one of these user quotas per project team, for example. 2. Is there a way to export this data into a CSV? Export the image profile. The new version of insightIQ should support exports to CSV files. (It might be different if someone modified the VM.) 5. We have a 6 node cluster and I have created 6 datastores. Going forward, we urge customers to use the Isilon API (old name "Platform API") to query for performance metrics from the cluster itself, instead of trying to mine the datastore in InsightIQ. Log in to your online account on and go to this page: 2. Please let us know if you have any other questions. InsightIQ begins deleting older data from the datastore when the datastore becomes 92% full. What you are referring to -- the RBAC of viewability of specific reports and directory/contents -- has been on the radar of product management for a while. The ESXi host uses these values to achieve multipathing to the NFS server mount point. If you do upgrade, make sure you export your data FIRST. Since you intend on pulling the filesystem knowledge fairly frequently, tinkering with the GUI can be painful, as you stated. Unfortunately these do not exist. Feel free to choose your own path and directory name. You can use import/export, however you will need to contact tech support, as that process is much more involved and if done incorrectly you will harm data. I am aware of the procedure for increasing datastore size for linux VM's. Open an SSH connection to the InsightIQ virtual machine, and log in. So trying to mine IIQ data is only going to be short-lived. You can upgrade your existing InsightIQ instance to 3.1 OR you can migrate your DS to a new instance of 3.1 and only upgrade it. Navigate to the directory where you previously exported the custom datastores. After playing around with it.. For some reason, EMC/Isilon doesn't support just dropping the data into a new instance of IIQ post upgrade, so if something goes wrong, you'll be up a creek. Stop InsightIQ on the old VM. Note: The directory specified in the filter rule "TEST/MY/products/xxxx/vxx" -- this directory exists on the cluster as "/ifs/TEST/MY/products/xxxx/vxx". Physical size is 11,842,924,704,090 bytes bigger than logical due to data protection overhead. 1. Select how InsightIQ will be installed, either through the offline or online method, and then press Enter. I'm looking to expand the local datastore on our insightIQ appliance, the virtual disk is 100GB but it looks like the /datastore partition is only 63GB. But InsightIQ 3.2.1 doesn’t play by the rules. how to migrate Insight IQ datastore from a local datastore to a NFS DataStore on Isilon. I was playing looking into the datastore directory of InsightIQ and found nothing that would indicate that the data was stored in one of those DB files. Call in to EMC Isilon Support at 1-800-782-4362 (For a complete local country dial list, please see this document: iiq_data_export fsa list --reports ,, I would be ok with throwing more storage at the IIQ appliance and have this information delivered by IIQ instead of my exporting it and rolling it into my own plotting tool. doing it manually is a horrible. While I'd like to offer a more thoroughly documented process, I'll provide a slimmed down version here to show what this product can do today. InsightIQ will be installed using the bundled packages. Hi RobChang-Isilon, I do recognise this is a very old thread, but the topic of "charge-back" is interesting! 2. Yes, you can change easily from local datastore to a NFS export. Enter the datastore name and if necessary, select the placement location for the datastore. Select the check boxes for each datastore to be imported and click OK. Great blog – hope you might be able to help with a query with smart connect and datastores. i know that i should stop the Insight IQ services first and then migrate it, but where can i find it and how should i export/import it? We are having issues with the insightIQ tool for access GUI after that we have a expansive activitiy about local datastore. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. With NFS 4.1, you can add multiple IP addresses or server names if the NFS server supports trunking. I checked the iiq_data_export output with my own IIQ instance and it looked normal. If you limit the size of the InsightIQ data store through a quota, InsightIQ cannot detect that space on the data store has been limited. When moving a datastore from one Isilon to another the best way is to use insightIQ. l Adding a cluster for InsightIQ to monitor. 1. 4. InsightIQ includes a very useful data export tool: iiq_data_export. And yes you are seeing this correctly -- “live data” is available! lEnable read and write access to the export rule. Going forward, we urge customers to use the Isilon API (old name "Platform API") to query for performance metrics from the cluster itself, instead of trying to mine the datastore in InsightIQ. Ideally I would not want the customer to have full performance reporting access, but happy to share File System Analytics. In terms of the historical performance metrics repository that is InsightIQ's "/datastore" -- many customers have asked us about a published schema. The InsightIQ Administrator account can manage InsightIQ monitored cluster, data store, email, and file system settings by using the InsightIQ web application. The export rule must export the datastore path, and map the root user on the InsightIQ server to the user account that owns the export on the NFS server. 1. Open an SSH connection(CLI session) to the Isilon cluster you want to create an export. and or is it possible to automatically pull those reports for processing through a script? Is there any plan to introduce RBAC (role based access) for the IIQ portal so we can give specific users access only to specific type of reports, or clusters? Is there a way to migrate the InsightIQ data from one cluster to another? Each ESXi box mounts datastore 1 over node 1’s IP, datastore 2 over node 2’s IP etc. My customers would like to login to IIQ, and look at their directory quota and see how storage utilization in that quota increased over time. This is a great help! Thank you for your question! The managed export and import service is available through the Cloud Console, gcloud command-line tool, and the Datastore Admin API (REST, RPC). Could you elaborate a bit on the intended use case? Under File System Reporting, the Quota Reporting tab allows you to display quota reports. I'm covering InsightIQ technicals in this new role. While the tool is compatible with older versions of the operating system, if you’re running OneFS v8.0 or higher it offers a much needed performance improvement. Hi all. Add-EsxSoftwareDepot -DepotUrl url_or_file; View all available image profiles to find the name of the image profile to export. Thanks for the feedback. Everything performance related that InsightIQ gets from the cluster CAN be obtained through Isilon API. As a result, some large, long-running import process can time out. InsightIQ will be installed using yum mirrors. Procedure 1. This configuration allows InsightIQ to mount the server and create the … I assume the same procedure works for InsightIQ. and the tool the rob provided can be helpful as well if you want to export tons of data with ease. Datastore name: The system enforces a 42 character limit for the datastore name. The tar.gz compression format cannot be indexed to speed up the importing process. 2. Thanks! Configure the old NFS datastore on the new instance. The old datastore is normally labeled “Hard disk 2” and is 64 GB in size by default.
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