2. feel little movement between plates during use And it’s overall great. Rupture de stock. PowerBlock EXP Review. Otherwise, the adder weight(s) will drop or fly out during use. How’s your training experience? The Stage 3 Expansion Kit includes the weight blocks shown below: The Pro EXP Stage 3 Set is final form of the Pro EXP line. Pull the dumbbells straight out of the weight stack (i.e. Two expansion kits are excellent for progression if you are serious about lifting. I wonder if anyone tried the new expansion kits on the old Urethane 90? The only dumbbells currently in production that still have the padded supports on the handle are the Elite 50/70/90. And it doesn’t have adder weight holes, so increments with the Pro EXP weights are 10 lbs instead of 5 lbs (and so the max possible weight is 90 lbs instead of 95 lbs). In terms of movements that you’d have to do differently, it’d just be a few exercises for the PowerBlocks — namely, anything where you’d normally grab the dumbbell end by both hands (e.g. Powerblock Pro 90 Commercial review Decided to splurge and upgrade my spinlocks with a set of Powerblock Pro 90 Commercial dumbbells. As for the handle’s position, there’s no issue with it sitting too low. PowerBlock Exp Dumbbells Can Be Expended Up To 90 Pounds I found that this was because the empty handle is actually heavier than the stated 5 lbs. If that’s the case, just look at my overview in the table below: Dumbbell. I was wondering if the powerblock Pros would hold up to an exercise like a renegade row where the handles would be supporting my body weight? Short & sturdy yet heavy with solid metal construction that makes them near impossible to break. Depending on the PowerBlock model you get, a set of PowerBlock dumbbells will be somewhere between $737 + $99 S&H (current price for the Pro EXP Stage 3) on the high end and $577 + $99 (current price for the PowerBlock EXP Stage 3) on the low end. In other words, the PowerBlocks cost between 4% to 29% more, in this specific comparison. Affordability is not really an issue, if I’m going to have something for at least 5-10 years i don’t mind spending an extra $200 on the pro exp, I’m just worried about this “non-welded flex design”. And it does come with a nice stand. Though if you want even distribution between the left and right side, the smallest possible increment would be 5 lbs. However, it’s a noteworthy feature, so I’ll give it its own section here. Whereas, if you press into the either end of any non-wedge PowerBlock handle, your forearm will be pressing into a corner edge, which could certainly cause some disconfort or at worst slight pain if you’re using a lot of weight. PowerBlock’s Personal Trainer Series of adjustable dumbbells can be adjusted from 5 to 50 pounds per dumbbell. I clicked the link and was lucky enough to place a successful order. You can slide it in at more of an angle. Will the expansion kit of the Pro Exp fit the older U90? Take Your Workout Further Accessories. If you have the handle upside down (i.e. Ajouter à la wishlist. It just feels more natural to me. The only question for you is your budget. the opening of the hollow cylinders is pointed to the floor), then the weights fall right out onto the floor -- or your foot -- if you move the lever to the open position. For example, if you want the heaviest dumbbell right now, you would buy the Stage 3 Set. If you close the rod is connected by plastic as confirmed as my set broke over several years. Greetings! Yes, I own and use the EZ curl bar regularly. They have slightly different dimensions. The auto-lock makes adjustment easier, so you save a couple seconds every single time you adjust…it makes each workout that much more seamless. 1. I strongly recommend the Pro EXP, and believe they are worth the higher price -- even if that means buying the base set first, then getting one or both of the expansion kits at a later date if your budget budget is tight. Whereas the expandable models (Pro EXP sets) can be expanded to a max weight of 90 lbs (i.e. It’s fast and pretty straight forward. Other than that PowerBlock Exp are incredibly sturdy & well made. NOTE: To compare this to the accuracy of most fixed dumbbells, note that the typical hex dumbbell is usually only within 5% of the stated accuracy and the expensive rubber-coated fixed dumbbells are within 2% of their stated weight. I’m not sure if the handle is more in the middle of the pro exp model compared to the exp model. Rupture de stock. Quick Overview. Do you have any experience with the power block column stand vs the foldable stand for the pro exp? Basically, you’ll only notice an imbalance if you rotate the bar during the exercise, such that the blocks on each end turn from being rightside up to being sideways or upside down — the way to avoid this on exercises like curls where you have to rotate the bar, is to choose the right starting position (generally, this is where the blocks will be rightside up/parallel to the floor, or. This is greatly appreciated and thank you again. I am going to be a lot busier in the upcoming months and won’t be able to go to the gym as much as i do now(5 times a week). Technically, you could use more, but your stance would be so wide it wouldn’t make sense. > PowerBlock EXP Review – Stylish Metal on Metal. My results are below, and they’re extremely accurate for all but the lightest weight settings: Actual Weight / Stated Weight / % Deviation There are no reviews yet. BUT you do get a ton of extra weight, which is the most important feature if you're strong and need extra heavy adjustable dumbbells to train effectively. Be the first to review this product. I've already discussed the expansion kits above. I love the detailed review on every model of powerblock that you provided and I appreciate it.I I just wanted to know what the main differences are between the Pro 90 and Commercial Pro 90 in terms of build quality. You’d need a much greater impact force to cause deformation to the frame with this flex design, compared to the welded/non-flexing plate design seen on all other PowerBlock dumbbell lines (i.e. I already have a set of Ironmaster Dumbbells with the 120 lb add on kit, a set of hex dumbbells 5 to 50 lbs and a set of pro-style dumbbells 10 - 90 lbs. Avg Review: 10/10 The PowerBlock Pro EXP Dumbbells are an excellent choice of adjustable dumbbell for the home or light commercial gym. I saw some reviews saying it wasn’t stable and others saying it was super stable. The Pro 50 has 2.5 lb increments with 2 adder weights per dumbbell. The Commercial Pro 90 uses stainless steel hardware, which you can see on the bolts at the end of the side rails. But I’m a casual user, so the PowerBlock works for me great; and whenever I visit my folks’ house, the Ironmaster kettlebell works great, too. Mike. Weight. Ajouter à la wishlist. Thanks for the comment, Maru. The weight can be adjusted by increments of 2.5 pounds using PowerBlock’s specially designed adder weights. See the photo below for the right and the wrong way: Slide the pin all the way through the handle. OR, simply place the handle back in the weight stack, and the lever will automatically be pushed back into the locked position (this is the “auto-lock” feature). If you want more than 90 lbs, then the Pro 125/175 is the only way to go. Give a quick glance to both of the dumbbells before pulling them all the way out of the weight stack. They back it up with what may be the world's best customer service as well! The only other PowerBlock dumbbells (besides the Pro 50 and Pro EXP) that are compatible, are the U50, U70 and U90 from the now-discontinued Urethane Series. I came to the conclusion that I was going to go with the elite 5-90 ones but they are currently sold out everywhere and wont be available for who knows how long. Below, I’ve included the length of the Pro EXP with the kettlebell handle as each weight block is added on: @ 10 lbs = 8 1/2″ (no weight blocks added; KB handle only) You already mentioned one of the main differences between the two models: That the commercial version has 2 different handles for 5 lb increments with no adder weights vs 1 handle with 2 adder weights for 2.5 or 5 lb increments. 90.68 lbs / 90 lbs / +0.75% My dilemma is that I need to purchase a set that exceeds the 90 pound limit. With the Straight Bar Attachment, you can convert your pair of PowerBlock Pro EXP dumbbells into a truly adjustable straight bar set. Home > Blog > Reviews > PowerBlock Pro EXP Dumbbells Review: What You Should Know. Ajouter à la wishlist. Being passionate about strength sports, I'd love to discuss about these topics. The metal can bend slightly, but if it bends beyond a very limited range, it will be permanently deformed. 7.5 or 10 lbs per dumbbell). This is an upgrade over the older pin styles which were made of metal. Image Unavailable. Manufactured by: PowerBlock. Please contact your local store via phone, chat, or visit us in store to check inventory and complete your purchase. However, I’m usually a fan of a straight handle. Rupture de stock. Compact, Incredibly Sturdy & Combines Up to 15 Sets of Weights. Whereas, the Pro EXP is a rubberized (thus, non-knurled; though still has some grip to it) and contoured in shape. You can easily prevent this by simply positioning the handle right side up before opening. They sold out in less than an hour. Feel free to ask for my assistance & share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Best adjustable dumbbells on the market at the moment. The handle weighs 4 lbs, and each of the 7 plates are 4 lbs. You don't get the knurled handle with the Pro 125/175, and the increments are 7.5 lbs (instead of 5 or 2.5 lbs). Also, the open handle is just more comfortable. Went with PBs (over the IMs) primarily for the quick change aspect (save those valuable seconds) and felt the nurled handles and not having to deal with the adder weights was worth the extra cost over the home PB sets. UPDATE: I spoke to my contact at PowerBlock. @ 80 lbs = 15 3/4″ Have you used the straight bar and do you have any thoughts of it? There are a few unavailable increments on the Pro EXP sets (from 5-50 lbs: 12.5, 22.5, 32.5 & 42.5 lbs are unavailable; from 50-70 lbs: 52.5 & 62.5 lbs are unavailable; from 70-90 lbs: 72.5 & 82.5 lbs are unavailable), Only the non-expandable Pro 50 set and the expandable Pro EXP sets are compatible with the. Although knurled steel handle grips would be nice, I wouldn’t consider them a requirement since the rubberized handles do a more than adequate job. My goal is to help you learn proper weight training and nutrition principles so that you can get strong and build the physique of your dreams! First off, the steel plates are covered in a protective urethane coating (a type of durable rubber polymer). of free weights, while the smallest Sport 24 model replaces 216 lbs. Thanks, Kirk! PowerBlock Exp is incredibly easy to adjust thanks to quick weight changing mechanism – Slap the pin in & you’re set. I created the chart below to show you: Comparing the old and new version, yes, they’re comparable in terms of their quality/durability. Please do your research & know exactly what you are buying. The durability between the Commercial Pro 90 and the Pro EXP are comparable. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. PowerBlock EZ Curl Bar $ 129.00 Add to cart; PowerBlock Straight Bar $ 129.00 Add to cart; Pro 32 Set, 4-32 lb. The PowerBlock EXP is made of solid steel. Like a lot of us, I have been trying to buy a pair of adjustable Powerblocks or Ironmaster dumbbells to outfit a garage gym during the pandemic. Even if you don’t pick up extra plates, the selected weights could still be jammed together; and if they “un-jam” during your set, this could potentially knock the pin loose. For the record, the only PowerBlock models with a straight handle are the Elite and the Pro Commercial (more on this one in the sub-section below): The handle grip is made out of a thick durable plastic compound, covered by a rubber coating. PowerBlock EXP Stage 1 Adjustable Dumbbell has a weight range of 5-50 lbs and replaces 16 dumbbells in the space of 1. 684 likes. So when you’re pushing the handle down into the weight stack, the weight stack is effectively pushing up against the lever and flipping it to the locked position. And the feature has since been adopted all other new models/series since then, including the PowerBlock Series and, of course, the Pro Series dumbbells. PowerStation . However, you can easily do a workaround for these by grabbing the dumbbell by the two adjacent columns on the outside of the handle. Take Your Workout Further More Great Accessories . I know you may be just be here for a quick summary of the Pro EXP to find out if it’s the best adjustable dumbbell for you. PowerBlock Pro EXP 90 Set, 5-90 lb. Stage 3). 189,00 € Lire la suite. Human body is amazing in its own unique way & quickly adapts …, Solution is simple – You can use chalk Have you used the curl bar with the dumbbells and if you are, do you think that the shape of the dumbbells is unbalancing the curl bar. Rounded top, flat bottom; PowerBlock logo, Machined steel, powder coat paint that shows weight setting, located on both side rails of each block, with color coded rings, Snap-on band that shows weight setting, located on side rail on just one side of each weight block; no color coding, Square shape (flat top, flat bottom); no logo, Snap-on color coded band located on side rail on just one side of each weight block; entire length of indicator band is colored; doesn’t show actual weight number, Padded wrist supports at top makes it a closed handle design, Snap-on band that shows weight setting, located on side rail on just one side of each weight block; no color coding (all indicator bands are red). The longest plate (grey) is heaviest, with each shorter one getting slightly lighter. You may be wondering why the lightest weight settings are (relatively) less accurate. …Of course, as we both know, the Pro EXP is still compatible with the old white kettlebell handle. While stainless steel is an upgrade in terms of build quality, the painted steel will provide plenty of protection against oxidation for just about everyone. for progression & for performing super-sets. This means that there are NO padded wrist supports at the top/opening of the handle. The Pro EXP’s handle has more room inside of it than ANY PowerBlock dumbbell handle, from side to side and front to back. Hi, Contents. But there are 3 main differences: Hi, would you happen to know if the kettleblock attachment would fit on the powerblock sport exp set? $ 329.00 Add to cart; Pro 50 Set, 5-50 lb. The set shown is the U90 Stage 3, which has since been replaced by the Pro EXP Stage 3. 21.82 lbs / 20 lbs / +9.1% Reviews. Detailed Review. Pro 50 and Pro 90 (Pro Commercial Series). Since 2007, my wife and I have owned and operated a personal training company, Kennedy Fitness, and we've chosen to exclusively use PowerBlock dumbbells both for our clients and for our own personal use at home. I have pro Rexan set that lasted over 20 years. 399,00 € Lire la suite. This flex pin technology was originally developed for the “Urethane Series,” which was the immediate predecessor to the Pro Series. If you pull it up, the cylinders close off and prevent the adder weights from falling out if they’re in…. On the one hand, these very useful adjustable dumbbells are expandable just as is an old-school pair of adjustable dumbbells that uses cast iron weight plates; while, on the other hand, they have the look and weight adjusting system of a genuinely cutting edge adjustable dumbbell system! I’d appreciate your thoughts on this knowing that you don’t speak for Powerblocks. PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 1 (5-50lb) Dumbbells (pair) ... Read all reviews for PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 1 (5-50lb) Dumbells (pr) 2 Reviews. recommending these if you don’t want to keep replacing broken equipment all the time. Adjusting the weight on the PowerBlock Pro Exp dumbbells is a fast and simple process. Is it worth the extra $600+? But will be good to get your advice on whether sticking with the pro model is better. PowerBlock was founded in 1991 by specialty fitness equipment designers who became friends while designing equipment for several companies including Parabody and Cybex. Awesome review. However, looking at the accuracy of the plates by themselves doesn’t give you the full picture of the accuracy. PowerBlock was founded in 1991 by specialty fitness equipment designers who became friends while designing equipment for several companies including Parabody and Cybex. I called the powerblock customer service number and they said the earliest they would be available is 3 months from now in June and that is not guaranteed. 2. Solid metal on metal that won’t break. Generally speaking, are certain exercises better with one over the other? That means increments are in as little as 2.5 lbs using the adder weights (for even loading between left and right side, the minimum increment would be 5 lbs). I’m assuming they said the max weight was 55 lbs, because you can still do most kettlebell exercises without issue at that size. I also enjoy using it a lot. I just happened to be on your review site when I decided to re-read your Powerblock Pro review; that’s when I saw your notice that Powerblock had the Pro Exp in stock. $ 588.00 Read more; Pro EXP Set, 5-90 lb. You don’t have to align it perfectly parallel to the weight setting slot before inserting. However, I wanted to also include some photos to show you which weight blocks each expansion kit comes with: The Stage 2 Expansion Kit includes a pair of the yellow and blue weight blocks. You should only ever lift the dumbbells out of the weight stack with the center handle grip. The Pro 125 can be expanded to 175 with the add-on kit in the ‘expansions’ tab.-$ 329.00 – $ 1,948.00. The individual weights themselves are not all exactly 10 lbs. That said, it’s still useful at heavier weights for other exercises like one arm kettlebell rows, 1 arm carries, etc.