Baumann: On the Tarzan soundtrack, Phil Collins eyed up Elton John’s galactically popular efforts on Lion King and tried to ratchet the earnestness up to 11, all while not quite hitting the musical theater bull’s-eye the way Sir Elton did. Disney questions are a sure-fire way to add some magic and fun to your quiz night, as most of us have fond memories of the studio’s characters and films from our formative years. Its message is simple and clearly stated in the refrain: “It means no worries for the rest of your days.” Not to mention the music video (read: scene from the original Lion King movie) absolutely slaps: The song serves as both our introduction to the unique humor of Timon (voiced by Nathan Lane) and Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella) and a montage of Simba growing up. Most of them, like this, are forgettable. Then, it introduces elements of grandeur as Soarin’ approaches its crescendo. Pinocchio's moment of self-triumph became an anthem for showing off an incredible feat, and the sweet, singsong nature of the song is deeply embedded in … EPCOT’s Beloved Mariachi Cobre To Celebrate Las Posadas Tomorrow at the World Showcase! I think it’s telling that the Sherman Brothers are responsible for one-third of this list…and that’s after I leave out One Little Spark. The only song performed by the Beast—thanks to a suggestion by Belle actress Paige O’Hara—“Something There” was a late replacement for the longer “Human Again,” a song that was scrapped from the original Beauty and the Beast but brought back in subsequent versions. Out of the selections listed here, Let It Go represents a mixed message of sorts. A gentle, sunny reminder that the universe tends to sort itself out. The catchy beat and hook of this song not only made it one of the most requested club songs of 2007 but also had all the ladies wanting to dance and "move their bodies like a cyclone." DuckTales - Theme Song | Disney+ Throwbacks | Disney+ 1:00. Instead we get a thin-sliced version of her worldview in song, which is a million times better. Ma Belle Evangeline – The Princess and the Frog. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is great—first because it slaps, second because it’s a song in a children’s movie about how avarice is diseased, as demonstrated by a big, shaky baritone and pink wisps of smoke that occasionally take the shape of men who want to be taller and buffer, and women who want to be slimmer, more stylish, and more beautiful. Sample lyric: “And as you sweep the room / Imagine that the broom / Is someone that you love and soon / You’ll find you’re dancing to the tune.” Aside from being the breakout hit on the very first commercially issued film soundtrack ever, “Whistle While You Work” is a relic from a much simpler era, when society could fathom no childhood fantasy more titillating than a handful of woodland creatures who are happy to help out around the house. (I’m sorry.). Charlotte Goddu: Before Beauty and the Beast dives into the therianthropy and kidnapping that make up the majority of its plot, this song lays a foundation by communicating the key elements of Belle’s character: She likes to read and she is very pretty. Andrew Gruttadaro: Opening songs are a tradition in Disney canon (“Circle of Life,” “Fathoms Below,” etc. Ben Lindbergh: “Something There” isn’t selling a, well, Disneyfied version of romance. That, nose firmly stuck in a book, the woman manages to wander through the bustling center of her French town without being decapitated by a baguette remains, to me, the most fantastical element of a movie that features a talking candelabra. Alyssa Bereznak: When Disney released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, during the tail end of the Great Depression, children’s entertainment was sparse, Roombas did not exist, and few families had the disposable income or free time to be precious about their progeny. Harvilla: It works for miners, it works for Disney animators, it works for Uber drivers, it works for bloggers: “Heigh-Ho,” the musical crown jewel of 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is a working stiff’s anthem, jolly and determined, a reminder that there’s a job to be done but it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. No, it’s Disney California Adventure in the park’s purest form, an opening day attraction highlighted by Jerry Goldsmith’s score. I saw two lion pals reminiscing and playing together at dusk; innocent stuff! Now, you get to sing along with all the happy residents of the paddleboat! Here are nine Disney songs you can add to a playlist to make you feel like you’re at the parks. It’s always the same songs. It’s a trick I can’t comprehend, but I can—and I will—sing along to “Beauty and the Beast” every time I’m lucky enough to hear it. YOLO before YOLO existed; a common phrase to crochet on a pillow before “Keep Calm and Carry On” overtook Pinterest boards. Vocal Sheet (16) Lead Sheet (43) Chord Sheet (41) Sound Sample (108) 0 … “You think you own whatever land you land on, the Earth is just a dead thing you can claim,” Pocahontas chides John Smith (who, it feels relevant to note here, is voiced by Mel Gibson). Walt Disney understood the importance of musical accompaniment in theatrical staging. It ends in a heavy-handed metaphor about choosing the path (or in this case, river offshoot) less traveled, but Disney is rarely subtle about what it’s trying to get across. Scar ruins the Pride Lands immediately (the Disney version of Golden State blowing a 3-1 lead); “Be Prepared” is his arch thesis statement; and also a banger; and also just good advice for anyone about to take a test, do a presentation, or attempt to usurp a ubiquitously popular king. And I’ll do the same…, Bob Iger Said He’d Consider A Position With The Biden Administration. When Disney brought Hannah Montana to the big screen in 2009, it was critical for Miley Cyrus to have an unforgettable song. Instead of calling him ugly, they refer to him as “one-of-a-kind.” The song, in true Disney fashion, moves through three different key changes and several different beats, all the while making you feel like the gargoyles are your personal cheer squad. But now? We buy into the illusion that Disney’s selling. Content ©2020 The Ringer All Rights Reserved, Vanessa Williams belted out the soundtrack cut. Written by Disney god Alan Menken with lyrics by Tim Rice—and sung by Aladdin stars Brad Kane and Lea Salonga in the film—“A Whole New World” won both an Oscar for Best Original Song and, in a first (and only!) I recently discussed the Disney noises that I miss the most, and I had an epiphany while writing it. Careful! When you think about the song, your mind might go to a movie rather than a park attraction, which is understandable. Everything about it brims with positivity. Our hero ultimately outwits his pursuers, not that he takes too much pleasure in it. The criminally underrated Princess and the Frog features a few memorable songs, but my favorite is the heart-warming ballad “Ma Belle Evangeline.” Voice-acting genius and New Orleans resident Jim Cummings is accompanied by trumpeter Terence Blanchard, and he sings about falling in love with a star in the sky. Written by Disney gods Howard Ashman and Alan Menken and sung by overall goddess Angela Lansbury, the song is one that feels revelatory and warmly familiar. And while it’s a pretty impactful scene in the film, “Hakuna Matata” may also be the most fun four minutes of any Disney animated movie. Lindbergh: “Circle of Life” is the soundtrack to the most iconic opening sequence from a Disney film, a scene so effective at drawing in viewers that it ran unabridged in The Lion King’s sensational 1993 teaser trailer, heralding the box office apex of the Disney Renaissance. That’s particularly true of the radio single arrangement, which is the definitive version of “You’ll Be in My Heart.” For some reason, that version is four minutes long, when most of the emotional heavy lifting is done in the first 30 seconds by the strings, which sound like a post-prog interpretation of a mother’s heartbeat.